What is Queensway Retreat?

Queensway Retreat is a quiet area for children who need access to sensory provision or who need support in other areas that require a nurturing and holistic approach which is additional to the curriculum. It may also be used as a room for reflection and discussion regarding future strategies and support in a calm manner. The provision is based on ensuring that children are happy, feel safe and are ready to learn with a clear mind.

Who will access The Retreat?

All children in school will access the provision though a weekly timetable that ensures that every child in school will access the resources and take part in some sessions, either individually, within a small group or as a whole class.

What will children do in The Retreat?

Children will have access to many programmes of support:

Access to sensory equipment- Bubble tube, mirrors, interactive play and fibre optic wands.

Positive Emotional Responses- Identifying triggers and using appropriate responses.

Self Esteem/Resilience- Programme to improve low self esteem.

Relaxation-To help children be calm, focussed and relaxed to improve access to learning.

Visualisation- Calming image therapy.

Breathing and Meditation exercises- To improve focus and concentration.

Mindfulness- Awareness of present situations through focusing on the ‘Here and Now.’

Anxiety- Identifying triggers and implementing strategies using calming techniques to deal with worries.

Boundaries - Learning rules and boundaries to maintain positive behaviour.

Life Skills-promoting everyday life skills for children to boost confidence in new situations.

Massage-Hand and foot massage to help with relaxation using oils and soft music.


Rainbow Sensory Room

The purpose of the Rainbow Sensory Room is for a small number of children or 1-1 with an adult, to access the provision of a small room that is equipped with resources that stimulate senses and encourage visual and physical interactions between children and staff. Resources include; bubble tube, mirrors, LED coloured strands, sparkle mats, sensory toys and low lighting.


Nurture Room

This is a larger area for groups of children to access interventions that promote mental health and well-being, improve self-esteem, learn relaxation techniques and introduce self-help/life skills. Whole class sessions are held in here where they can relax, read stories, use the resources and interact in circle time.



How we make a difference!

·We provide a safe and secure environment to learn and develop emotionally.

·We help to improve children’s concentration and focus through relaxation, visualisation and mindfulness.

·Children have a chance to be listened to and encouraged to have a voice. ·Children will learn new skills and develop their lifelong learning.               

·Children will develop the use of their senses to relax their bodies and minds.                          

·Children will be happier and calmer in school. 

·Children will improve their interactions with other children and adults.

·Children will feel valued and accepted.

 This wonderful resource is unique and accessible for all children at Queensway.