VISION Growing Every Day

At Queensway Primary School we have very high expectations of our children and ourselves. We build a community where children are more than just educated and where all feel safe and supported. We aim to enable every individual, regardless of ability, the opportunities to explore and discover through a rich and broad curriculum, so that they can achieve their full potential and be prepared for future life. We aim to inspire our children and set them on a path to achieve their dreams whilst also being resilient and brave enough to overcome the barriers that may lay ahead. 

We encourage our children to be proud, self-motivated, inquisitive, resilient risk-takers, and insist on team-work and effective communication to support academic successes on an everlasting learning journey - growing every day. 


  • Provide an environment where safeguarding is at the root of everything we do

  • Create an environment of excellence and high expectation in which we encourage lively, imaginative and enquiring minds, allowing children opportunity to EXPLORE ideas and learning

  • Encourage each child to grow and develop to DISCOVER how resilient they can be and become independent learners who thrive on challenge, feeling motivated, secure and happy

  • Develop attitudes which will be positively helpful to the individual child securing a sense of belonging and INSPIRE others around them through trust, respect and shared values

  • Foster excellent relationships among all staff, children, parents, governors and the community to support the growth of every child so they can ACHIEVE their potential.



We have 6 key values / qualities that we instill into our children through our inclusive and ambitious curriculum:



Explore, Discover, Inspire, Achieve – ‘Growing Every Day’.