Literacy skills are essential to our ability to understand, interpret and communicate about the world and with each other. Writing is the ability to effectively communicate ideas, information, and opinions through the written / printed word in a wide range of contexts. It offers the opportunity to store information for later retrieval, to interact with others, to reflect and to express ideas creatively. Skilled writers understand the characteristics of writing’s many forms and can adapt their style to suit a wide range of audiences and purposes. We aim to equip children with the skills necessary to do this throughout the curriculum.

We believe that English has a pre-eminent place in education and society. Our high-quality education in English teaches pupils to speak and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others and through their reading and listening, others can communicate with them.

All the skills of language are essential to participate fully as a member of society, ensuring access to curriculum subjects, and future and lifelong learning.

At Queensway Primary School our English curriculum promotes language development which enables pupils to communicate effectively and to appreciate the richness, magic and power of the written word.

It enables children to see language as a source of pleasure and enjoyment and use it to develop powers of imagination, creativity and inventiveness.

We aim to

· promote a culture of and a love for reading, writing and oracy.

· equip pupils with the confidence, desire and ability to develop their voice so that they may express their views and opinions both orally and in writing.

· equip children with the necessary reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to prepare them for the next stage in their learning and life beyond education.

· expose children with rich and varied vocabulary to help prepare them for life outside of their home town and allow them to appreciate our rich and varied literary heritage.

· be progressively sequenced drawing and building upon prior knowledge and skills.

· immerse children in high quality, language rich texts.

· grow a love for reading where children choose to read frequently to seek information and for enjoyment.

· ensure children master the basic skills of writing – grammar, spelling, handwriting and punctuation – so that they can communicate precisely and effectively and to liberate their creativity.

· actively involves children in the integrated skills of oral language, reading and writing and in discussing and comparing a wide variety of texts and forms of English on a daily basis.

· provide children with opportunities to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding by writing at length for a range of audiences and purposes across the curriculum.


English Curriculum Overviews...

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Our Writing Process


Handwriting across school

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Ways you can support your child at home.

Supporting your child's learning at home can help their development and be a really positive addition to their school education.  Reading is the fundamental skill that is at the core of your child's school learning and development.  By being confident and fluent readers, children are able to unlock many more doors throughout their school life and beyond.  

Spelling is also a core skill that will help your child achieve both at school and in their further life.  

Below are some useful tips that can help to support reading and spelling with your child at home. 



Online and Home Learning Support

 At Queensway, we want children to be able to access high quality learning of Reading and Writing.  Our home learning offer includes access to a range of different websites.  For any login information, please ask your child's class teacher. 

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At Queensway Primary School we believe that high quality Oracy education is the key to equip children with the skills that they need to thrive in school and in life beyond. We aim for Oracy to be at the centre of our curriculum with children becoming confident and efficient at speaking and listening whilst developing their vocabulary so that they can engage in discussions about their learning with self-assurance. Oracy allows children to be active learners and develop their understanding through talk. It develops confidence, improves academic outcomes, fosters wellbeing and allows every child to fulfil their potential.

The Oracy Framework we follow sets out the four main strands to be developed during a pupils time in school; Physical, Linguistic, Cognitive and Social and Emotional. In Early Years there is very much a focus on the physical aspect of speech and positive talk with regular opportunities being given to talk in partners or trios where children are scaffolded in the skills needed to be successful speakers and listeners. Subject specific vocabulary is used in all areas of the curriculum to support children's development whilst teachers and adults model effective talk and listening skills throughout school.