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Religious Education 

At Queensway Primary School, the whole-school is given opportunity to celebrate RE. This means there is additional learning, trips, study and enrichment activities happening over every year group. We make sure that our children are able to develop their understanding and appreciation of what living a life of faith is like. 

RE is particularly important as it helps to promote children's SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural)  development into tolerant, understanding young people who are able to effectively rationalise and show tolerance to all religions and moral standpoints. We make sure that they have an understanding of others cultural and social make-up and how their integration defines their framework of interaction with the world and its people. We promote community cohesion, including promoting British Values such as tolerance and provide the opportunity to discuss, debate and understand values, morals, ethics and philosophy via a broad and balanced curriculum, integrated across key stages to support high-quality education.

At Queensway, as we study such a breadth of religions, children are able to recognise the very best in each one of them - their kindness, generosity, forgiveness, welcoming, support, love and respect - and what they all share in common.  This informs our values as one human race: religious, agnostic, atheist or humanist.



At Queensway we will be following the "Believing And Belonging" curriculum programme to teach and develop RE. This is an agreed Leeds & Kirklees syllabus and supported by the RE HUB programme. It's main focus is to build understanding, awareness and discussion of living a life of faith and commitment-whether that be through following a religion or not. 

We hope that through the Believing and Belonging scheme, we will continue to raise tolerance in our children as they become informed around religious issues and given the tools to be able to discuss them. This is turn, will hopefully lead to the children understanding what is important in life, recognising each other's values and how to get on together as a caring and supportive community, society, country and world. 

The Local agreed Syllabus for RE is focused in three main areas: 

Investigate the beliefs and practices of religions and other world views, including:
1. Beliefs and authority: core beliefs and concepts; sources of authority including written traditions and leaders;
2. Worship and Spirituality: how individuals and communities express belief, commitment and emotion.

Investigate how religions and other world views address questions of meaning, purpose and value, including:
1. The nature of religion and belief and its key concepts;
2. Ultimate Questions of belonging, meaning, purpose and truth.

Investigate how religions and other world views influence morality, identity and diversity, including:
1. Moral decisions: teachings of religions and other world views on moral and ethical questions; evaluation, reflection and critical responses;
2. Identity and Diversity: diversity among and within religions and other world views; individual and community responses to difference and shared human values.



RE Syllabus-Believing and Belonging

RE Skills Progression-BY YEAR GROUP AND UNIT

RE Skills Progression-OVERVIEW


Queensway RE Policies

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