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 Welcome to Nursery's Class Page! 
Here you will be able to find some ideas of things to do at home, links to important websites and any other info/news. 
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4th May 2020

Hi Nursery! I have to say I have been blown away by all the fantastic work & photos you have been sending in via SeeSaw. If you scroll down to the bottom you'll be able to see a slideshow of everybody's amazing work!! This week I'd like you to set up a picnic so grab a blanket and think about what you would like to eat! Get creative - can you make your own food? Perhaps try making a sandwich - can you spread the butter using a knife? Have a go at drawing your food and labelling the initial sounds. I can't wait to see what you come up with!!! 



27th April 2020

Before lockdown Nursery were trying really hard in class to write their numbers so this week I have set a little number formation task via Seesaw. Here are a little reminder of the rhymes we use to help us...

0 – Around and around you go, that’s the way to make a zero!

1 – A line straight down is fun, that’s the way to make a number one!

2- Around and back on the rail road track.....two two!

3 -  Around the tree, around the tree, that’s the way to make a number three!

4 – Down and across then down some more, that’s the way to make a number four!

Don't forget that there are lots of ways to practise number formation! I have attached some pictures below to have a go at and remember to send me some pictures :-)

Miss Matthews



Hi Nursery, I can’t believe it is April already! I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. The weather has been lovely so I have been spending lots of time in my garden and going out for walks.

Next time you go outside can you go on a scavenger hunt? Below is a sheet of things to look out for!
How many can you find? Can you also find some things that aren't on the list and have a go at drawing them?

Don’t forget to send any photos to: c.matthews@queenswayschool.co.uk

Stay safe everyone!

Miss Matthews


Take a look at all our fantastic work whilst on lockdown!