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Queensway Primary School


The Aireborough Learning Partnership Trust (ALPT) is proud of all its schools who make up a vibrant learning network. As a co-operative trust we want to make a difference to benefit everyone in our Aireborough community.

Aireborough Learning Partnership Trust (ALPT) was formally constituted as a Trust on 1st January 2014, following a period of consultation. Trust schools have a different legal status. They remain part of the local authority system, but are supported by a charitable trust which appoints some of the governors. The Governing Body of each school will continue to run the school and be responsible for its performance.

The Trust will work towards key objectives:

  • to raise standards and attainment for all children in the partnership.
  • to increase and create vibrant learning opportunities for all.
  • to create strong working relationships between all cooperative members.
  • to use resources in a more creative and collaborative way.

The Trust aims to make a difference through:

  • Enhancing learning teaching and curriculum development
  • Sharing resources and expertise
  • Maintaining and enhancing our extended services
  • Inclusion and social cohesion

As the Trust continues to develop we are able to enhance learning, teaching and curriculum development through the collaborative work we undertake. The Trust continues to provide a joint learning framework that complements and augments those vibrant opportunities that each of our member schools provide for all pupils.


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