Queensway Primary School

 Ethos, aims & core values

Our school is . . .
 a safe place where care and support create a nurturing community to welcome everyone
 a happy place where learning is fun and memories are made that last a lifetime
 an inspiring place where growth mind-sets are developed to foster a love of life-long learning
     to provide an environment where safeguarding is at the root of everything we do
     to develop a secure sense of belonging through trust, respect and shared values
     to encourage lively, imaginative and enquiring minds through a broad and balanced curriculum
     to develop resilient, independent learners who thrive on challenge
     to work as a team with parents and carers, governors and staff, and the local community to secure the best possible                 outcomes for our children.



 Safe, happy, inspired
 SAFE, because the safety and welfare of the children is at the root of everything we do; HAPPY, because we know that   securing children's happiness at school, and building their self confidence, will enable them to achieve more positively in the classroom, and in their lives beyond school; INSPIRED because we want our children to recognise the value of education and become life-long learners.

Coppice Wood Avenue, Yeadon, Leeds, United Kingdom, LS19 7LF

01943 874925