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Queensway Primary School is the lead school in a group of 7 schools, known as the ALP cluster (Aireborough Learning Partnership) which has a wealth of expertise to offer students and will work in partnership with Leeds Beckett University. The cluster comprises of Queensway Primary School, Rufford Park Primary School, Guiseley Primary School, Rawdon St. Peters Primary School, Westfield Infants School, Burley Woodhead Primary School and Tranmere Park Primary School.

Working with ALP Schools will allow students to gain valuable in-school experience. The collective resources of the ALP cluster are used to benefit the trainees. Each of the schools will lead enhancement training days. The group of ALP trainees will meet together at one of the schools for school based training involving children and the school staff. There will be opportunities for students to learn about inclusion, behaviour management, curriculum development and assessment. They will learn how an exciting curriculum and innovative responsive teaching enhances children's learning experiences.  

Leeds Beckett University has a proven track record of recruiting and training high quality candidates for their teacher training courses. Experienced link tutors will support trainees throughout their year and work closely in partnership with the ALP cluster to the benefit of trainees.

All of the schools have experienced and committed school mentors to support the professional training of School Direct trainees who are seen as part of the school team. Trainees in the ALP cluster are able to form a supportive team through the enhancement days.


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Burley Woodhead Primary School        Rufford Park Primary

Guiseley Primary School                     Park Primary

Rawdon St Perter's CE Primary School Yeadon Westfield Infant